1. Open Western Union website Click Here
2. Click on SEND MONEY button

3. Fill the form as per given instructions in Image:

  • a) Choose Country 
  • b) Enter order amount in USD
  • c) Choose “Cash pick-up”
  • d) Select “Pay online” and choose Credit Card / Debit Card as you want to pay
  • e) Click on “Continue” button

4. Choose one from below:

• If you have already an account on Western Union

  • a) Enter your Email or Username
  • b) Enter your password
  • c) Click “Continue” button to login

• If you are new to Western Union click on “Sign up” button

  • a) Complete sign up form

5. After complete signing/signup you will be asked for Receiver’s Information

  • a) Enter Receiver’s First Name (Provided in Email)
  • b) Enter Receiver’s Last Name (Provided in Email)
  • c) Click on “Continue” button

6. Add your Card and Billing info:

  • a) Enter your Credit/Debit Card details
  • b) Enter your billing address
  • c) Click on “Continue to review” button

7. You will get 10-digit MTCN Number on your Email:

  • a) a) Check your Email for 10 Digit MTCN Number
  • b) b) Sent MTCN on Email or Call us to verify the payment
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