Trade Name: Ansomone
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Content: 4IU x 10 vials
Manufacturer:Anhui Anke Biotechnology

Ansomone (Human Growth Hormone) by Anhui Anke Biotechnology is a safest drug to have solid weight. Ansomone is a man-made bodybuilding drug. Growth hormone produce naturally and pituitary gland is responsible for it. Human growth is one of the complex hormones produced naturally in human body. Human growth hormone mainly produces from the center of the human brain. Production of hormone peak in youth period of a human being but it does not stop after youth. The production of growth hormone is minimum in children and older people. Ansomone is the best supplement for them.

Uses: Ansomone (Human Growth Hormone) by Anhui Anke Biotechnology is a recently develop bodybuilding drug. Ansomone produces 191 amino protein which can develop body weight. Ansomone vial promotes body weight quickly. Ansomone mainly used to add muscle mass and maintain sound physical and mental health. Ansomone vial is capable to repair tissue growth of human. Ansomone can improve the brain function. It enhances food metabolism and fat burns to enhance strength and energy. Ansomone can fix calcium which enhances bone strength. Ansomone vial is also used to treat obesity.

Ansomone vial is also used as an effective drug to treat sexual dysfunction. Ansomone vial is also used as an anti-estrogen.

Alternative name: Ansomone (Human Growth Hormone) vial is also familiar by Somatropin.

Side effect: Ansomone vial is a well-tolerated drug to build muscle. It never shows a negative effect but you need to talk with an expert before taking this drug.

Where to collect? You can collect it cheaply and without prescription

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