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Buy U-47700 online is an opioid analgesic drug developed by a team at Upjohn in the 1970swhich has around 7.5 times the potency of morphine in animal models.


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U-47700 is a structural isomer of the earlier opioid AH-7921and the result of a great deal of work elucidating the quantitative structure–activity relationship of the scaffold. Upjohn looked for the key moieties which gave the greatest activity and posted over a dozen patents on related compounds, each optimizing one moiety until they discovered that U-47700 was the most active.

U-47700 became the lead compound of selective kappa-opioid receptor ligands such as U-50488, U-51754 (containing a single methylene spacer difference) and U-69,593, which share very similar structures. Although not used medically, the selective kappa ligands are used in research.

U47700 is member of the drug class opioid analgesics. Specifically U47700 belongs to the benzamide class of opioids.  It is not used medically but within scientific research.

U-47700 has the systematic and formal IUPAC name 3,4-Dichloro-N-[(1R,2R)-2-(dimethylamino)cyclohexyl]-N-methylbenzamide. It has a molar mass of 329.27 grams and an empirical chemical formula of C16H22Cl2N2O.

It was first developed by a team of researchers at the pharmaceutical firm Upjohn in the late 1970s.

In animal models U47700 was shown to have potency 7.5 times greater than the classical medicinal opiate morphine.

Pharmacologically U47700 is a selective agonist at the µ-opioid receptor with a Kd of 5.3 nM in contrast to a much weaker binding interaction at the kappa opioid receptor where U47700 have a Kd value of 910 nM.

U47700 is a structural analogue of an earlier opioid AH-7921.

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