Trade Name: Getropin
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Content: 10 vials x 10IU
Manufacturer: Getropin

Getropin (Human Growth Hormone) also called Somatropin vial is a strong human growth hormone. Getropin vial is a highly active bodybuilding steroid. Getropin vial is a most effective steroid to develop quality muscle mass. Getropin 10IU vial is mainly manufactured for child and old people. Human growth hormone is a natural hormone but it is not sufficient in children and old people. Getropin 10IU vial is a synthetic drug to have muscle mass. Getropin vial builds weight and enhances energy level quickly. Getropin vial enhance 191 amino protein which produces solid and high-quality bodyweight. Getropin vial reduces muscle wasting. Getropin vial reduces excess fat rapidly. Getropin vial enhances testosterone which helps to prevent sexual problem. Getropin vial is also used as an effective anti-estrogen. Getropin vial normalizes the blood pressure. Getropin reduces harmful cholesterol level.

Uses: Getropin (Human Growth Hormone) is a widely used drug to produce solid weight. Getropin vial often used to treat obesity. Getropin vial is a most effective drug to enhance performance. Getropin vial is also used to treat anemia. Getropin vail improve the function of heart and kidney. Getropin vial is a most popular drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

Dose and cycle: Getropin (Human Growth Hormone) prescribed weekly and normal dose is only 5-10ml vial weekly.

Side effect: Getropin vial is free from negative effect. It never causes an androgenic effect on the user body.

Where to collect? Getropin vial enhances performance so it is not a legal drug in sports. You can get it only if you have a prescription from the local marketplace. You can collect it without prescription

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