What is Methiopropamine? <> Buy Methiopropamine Online 

Methiopropamine or MPA is a research chemicals analogue of Methamphetamine. MPA is a thiophene ring-based structural analogue of Methamphetamine. Across the UK and Europe, there is huge demand for this sought after chemical.

What is Methiopropamine? <> Buy Methiopropamine Online 

What is MPA Methiopropamine Crystal used for?
Being a thiopene ring-based structural analogue of Methamphetamine it is plausible to assume that Methiopropamine would have a similar chemical profile to Methamphetamine. Methamphetamine acts as a reverser of the dopamine, seretonin and norepinephrine transporters. By reversing the flow of these transporters, there is a huge influx of monoamines within the synapse.

What is Methiopropamine? <> Buy Methiopropamine Online 

Methiopropamine may have similar effects upon transporter proteins, in vitro (outside living organism). Researchers should analyse the affinity that Methiopropamine has upon dopamine, seretonin and norepinephrine transporter proteins. This could be done by applying Methiopropamine to a membrane infused with transporter proteins, in vitro.

What is Methiopropamine? <> Buy Methiopropamine Online 

GC/MS, NMR, FTIR and HPLC analysis may also be performed on Methiopropamine to be used as a reference for this chemical, and for use by other professionals. Chemists may use Methiopropamine as a primary reagent.

What is Methiopropamine? <> Buy Methiopropamine Online 

Methiopropamine is also a stimulant chemically related to methamphetamine. Though it was first synthesized in 1942, it wasn’t until it began being sold online in late 2010 that it saw much recreational use. It has a very short history of human use and little is known about potential health risks or benefits.

Mild euphoria and increased levels of awareness are said to be some of the effects that Methiopropamine can have, making it an ideal substitute for researchers studying the receptor actions brought about by methamphetamine (Crystal Meth).

Available from BuyAnyChem in a powder or rock form, Methiopropamine is intended for research purposes only, and anything other than in vitro application is strictly prohibited.

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