Trade Name: Omnitrope
Substance: Somatropin
Content: 6.7 mg/ml in 1.5ml amp = 10.5mg = 30IU per amp
Manufacrturer: Sandoz

Omnitrope (Human Growth Hormone) is a wonderful drug to build solid mass. Omnitrope vial is a safest gaining drug to build solid mass. Omnitrope vial is a highly active growth hormone. Omnitrope vial develop solid weight so it has a higher demand. Omnitrope vial develops bodyweight in a month. Omnitrope vial is a synthetic growth hormone which produces solid mass. Omnitrope vial has a strong anabolic effect which promotes body mass. Omnitrope vial enhances the production of bodybuilding protein which develops more weight. Omnitrope 1.5ml vial enhances high-quality muscle mass in a month. Omnitrope enhances LH, FSH and testosterone hormone. Omnitrope vial burns excess fat. Omnitrope vial often used to treat estrogenic effect. Omnitrope vial release hormone necessary for the human body.

Uses: Omnitrope vial often used to produce bodyweight quickly. Omnitrope often prescribed to boost performance level. Omnitrope vial enhances hormone production. Omnitrope vial often prescribed to lose extra weight. Omnitrope also used as an effective anti-estrogen. Omnitrope vial prescribed to treat impotence.

Dose and cycle: Omnitrope vial is a long time active injectable steroid. Omnitrope vial prescribed weekly basis. Omnitrope vial prescribed up to 6 months.

Side effect: Human growth hormone Omnitrope never exposes negative effect on human body. You must contact an expert before taking Omnitrope.

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