Trade Name: Pregnyl
Ingredient: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Content:  5000IU x 3 amps + solvent 
Manufacturer: Organon

Pregnyl (HCG) is a strong bodybuilding steroid to add weight. Pregnyl vial prepared from pregnant woman urine. Pregnyl vial is a most used drug to treat fertility problem of the female person. Pregnyl vial is a most effective drug to treat male sexual problem. Pregnyl vial enhances sex hormone, like Luteinizing Hormone. Pregnyl vial enhances the production of Follicle stimulating hormone. Pregnyl vial was first introduced to the fertility problem. Pregnyl vial produces 89 amino protein which develops bodyweight. Pregnyl enhances the production of testosterone hormone. Pregnyl vial is a most popular drug for bodybuilders.

Alternative name: Pregnyl vial is also called Vitagon which is available as 5000IU injectable vial forms.

Uses: Pregnyl 5000IU vial often prescribed to treat fertility problem. Pregnyl vial is a wonderful item to treat sexual dysfunction. Pregnyl vial often used to build solid mass. Pregnyl vial often used as an effective anti-estrogenic agent. Pregnyl vial builds fat-free weight in a month. Pregnyl vial often prescribed as an effective anti-estrogen.

Dose and cycle: Pregnyl vial is a potent drug prescribed once weekly. The normal dose of the Pregnyl vial is only 3-5ml weekly.

Side effect: Pregnyl vial is a powerful anti-estrogenic effect. Pregnyl helps to control the estrogenic effect.

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