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Serostim HGH 126 IU for sale: Put an end to your weight loss

Available under the Merck Serono brand name, Serostim is a product of the recombined DNA technology to imitate naturally occurring somatropin. It’s a synthetic growth hormone that is not only claimed but FDA-approved to potentiate the effects of antiretroviral therapy (ART). That is why Serostim HGH 126 IU is proven to be of use for patients trying to fight the HIV-related wasting syndrome. Boasting the same structure and cell chain as those of the natural growth hormone, this drug can help people with imbalanced hormonal profiles.

You may benefit from Serostim HGH for sale if you’re suffering from continuous involuntary weight decrease. It works by improving your muscle mass and energy – all while suppressing the wasting syndrome symptoms. When combined with ART meds, this hormone is highly effective for cachexia, allowing you to “bulk up” and regain your endurance.

How to use Serostim HGH 126 IU?

Our Serostim comes in kits that include vials with the hormone for injections. Once mixed, they can be given into a patient’s abdomen, arm, or leg if the chosen spot has no bruises or any other trauma signs. Before you buy Serostim HGH online, however, you better ask for your doctor’s help with preparing and giving injections. It’s also recommended that you do not administer the shot into the same site you did before.

Where to buy Serostim 126 mg?

At Alphar Pharma, you can order as many Serostim kits as you need to treat your wasting symptoms. We reinforce the importance of using the hormone as part of ART. What’s more, you owe it to yourself to have a supervising physician as negative effects may develop during Serostim treatment:

  • limb pain, numbness, or swelling
  • joint stiffness
  • nausea
  • serious diabetes complications (including ketoacidosis)
  • diabetic coma
  • male breast enlargement

Make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment with Serostim before buying it!

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