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Buy serostim 6mg online is the brand name of Merck Serono; a drug prescription and a form of a synthetic growth hormone that is marketed for wasting syndrome associated with AIDS.Buy serostim 6mg online

Specifically, this hgh is basically indicated or used for the HIV patient’s treatment with cachexia or wasting syndrome in order to increase body weight and body mass & also to improve the physical endurance. Along with it.


Also known as somatropin, the HGH is actually an injectable drug for growth hormone that is available only through prescriptions. Like many other growth hormones’ synthetic form, Serostim is created by utilizing the recombinant DNA technologies.

The FDA has also approved Serostim for the treatment of the muscle-wasting disease known as cachexia. Actually, this hgh comprises of residues of the 191 amino acid & its structure and sequence are similarly identical to the endogenous growth hormone.

Its structure and sequence confirm that it can do the same job as that of the natural growth hormone. If someone is suffering from lack of growth hormone then he could be seriously benefited from this compound.

The product was also studied in the regard to its capabilities to improve the mass of lean muscle and weight gain for individuals who were diagnosed with HIV. For that purpose, this medication is used in bodybuilding, though it is illegal to use in bodybuilding.


According to one source, the treatment of the 0.1 mg/kg per every alternate day is seen to have fewer or fewer side effects. The product is also recommended as the initial dosage for patients who have been diagnosed with a risk of the glucose intolerance. However, it is worthwhile to note that there is actually minimal information regarding long-term or short-term benefits or side effects is accessible from the controlled studies or researchers after the use of it (Serostim) for 48 weeks or more.

Some adverse or negative reactions that may develop are as follows.

• Diabetic ketoacidosis.
• Worsening of diabetes mellitus that was pre-existing.
• A new outbreak of the diabetes mellitus (type 2)
• A new outbreak of the impaired intolerance of glucose.
• Diabetic coma.


Treatment with the product given 0.1 mg per kg every alternate day consorted with some side effects which further resulted in one similar improvement or development in the work output, compared to this medication dosage of 0.1 mg per kg daily.

Therefore, an initial Serostim dosage of 0.1 mg per kg every alternate day must be taken into consideration for patients who are at the increased or elevated risk for negative or adverse effects associated with the therapy of the growth hormone that is recombinant.

The majority of the effects of the this hgh on the mass of a lean body and work output was obvious post the treatment of 12 weeks. These effects were maintained during the therapy of an extra 12 weeks.

There are actually no available data on efficacy or safety from the controlled studies, where the patients were actually treated with this medication for over 48 weeks.

There are also no data available on efficacy or safety from the trials where patients with wasting syndrome or cachexia associated with HIV infection were observed to be treated sporadically with the Serostim. buy genuine serostim online, hgh serostim 126iu price, buy hgh serostim on legit site, hgh serostim for sale, serostim merck serono dosage.

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