Buy Somatrope Hgh online

Buy Somatrope Hgh online by Meditech is specially designed for sports users who want to increase their physical performance. Somapure Hgh is a 191 Amino Acid recombinant human growth hormone that come in the form of a lyophilized powder. It is good for building strength and for energy.

What you get when you buy SOMAPURE HGH 100IU

  • 10 x 10 iu/vials of lyophilized (freeze-dried) white powder.
  • 10 ampoules sterile water, packed in sealed box.

 Benefits of SOMAPURE HGH to  bodybuilders:

– Muscle Tissue Growth
– A Leaner; Tighter Physique
– Enhanced Bone, Joint; Tendon Strength
– Faster Recovery
– Improved Cholesterol Levels
– Increased Endurance And Performance In The Gym
– Higher Energy Levels
– Increased Libido
– Improvements In The Immune System
– Improvements In Skin – Smoother Skin
– Increased Metabolism
– Increased Fat Loss
– Deeper Sleep

Identifying Authentic Somapure Hgh  Meditech

To verify and identify that the somapure hgh we sell is original and authentic,  You just have to look at the kit, you will find the following

Batch No. SM 495
Manufacturing Date. —–
Expiry Date: 06/ 2021

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