ZPHC Testosterone Mix 250mg/10ml what is it

ZPHC Testosterone Mix 250mg/10ml Since testosterone esters are a part of Sustanon, its androgenic and anabolic activity fully corresponds to the endogenous hormone. Due to the finely adjusted dosage of all active ingredients, the anabolic is put into operation almost immediately after the injection and affects the body for a fairly long period of time. In fact, in Sustanone, all the best qualities of the male hormone esters of different half-lives are combined. In order to buy Sustanon as profitably as possible, we recommend visiting our sportfarm shop.

Positive qualities ZPHC Testosterone Mix 250mg/10ml

We can safely say that this is a universal drug. However, it is most often used to gain weight and increase physical parameters. Although this steroid is not the best choice for drying courses, you can use it to solve this problem. Excellent performance and a variety of positive properties are the reasons why many athletes choose Sustanon to order.

The drug has strong anti-catabolic properties, contributes to the rapid collection of muscle mass, increases physical parameters, normalizes the process of spermatogenesis, accelerates the secretion of IGF, etc. based on the active components of the drug, it should be used only by men. With a well-designed course, a sustanon can be considered fairly safe. Of course, it has some side effects, like any honey. to the drug. However, you can easily cope with them if you do not use excessive dosages and use auxiliary drugs.

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